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FAQ for Microcontroller.com

Ask, and ye shall receive!

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Welcome to my website. My name is Bill Giovino, and I'm the Executive Editor for Microcontroller.com. I am responsible for most of the content as well as the flippant writing style.

As you can see, this is a very busy website. I have worked hard to make this website easy to use.

You'll find lots of information on this website in the About Us directory. Other stuff, you'll find here.

What is Microcontroller.com?
This is an independent website managed by a small group of fanatics. I like to think of us as brutally objective. There is no spin here. We are a Global Embedded Systems Community, offering a well organized collection of high-quality resources.

What is the purpose of Microcontroller.com?
The ultimate purpose of this website is to give you the opportunity to make an informed sourcing decision by providing you with brutally objective information. I do this by giving you accurate information along with high quality news.

How Many Backlinks does Microcontroller.com Have?
As of Microcontroller.com enjoys over 1,000 backlinks

Where do I send my Press Releases?
Articles are written by hard-working writers and we are recognized by Yahoo and AP. Me, I've written articles published by Embedded Systems Programming and a few  newspapers. News articles, press releases, and editorials must meet the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Code of Ethics. To get your press release published email your press release to the proper email address on the Contact link at the top of the website. Only email your news article to the single email address associated with news articles. If you email your article to the wrong address, it won't get published.

How do I get my website listed in the Microcontroller.com Directory?
Ah, seeker, you ask the eternal question! Rather than offer a large directory, I offer quality content from reliable companies. I rarely reject websites for Directory Listings, although there are a few I will never list for ethical reasons. i want you, our Loyal Readers, to be assured that the listings you see here are from reliable companies that are established and available to help you.

Who is Microcontroller.com for?
This is your site . No annoying pop-up ads, no registration hassles, and no fees. Just a fresh collection of Embedded Systems industry articles to help you make your important sourcing decisions, and justify them to your boss. If we help you out, though, remember to consider helping us out as well by visiting the Caring and Respectable people that have shown the wisdom to advertise on our site. They are truly God's most noble creatures.

Who visits Microcontroller.com?
Microcontroller.com's efficient design has been proven effective in attracting our primary target audience:

  • Visitors employed in companies with 1000 employees or more
  • Purchasing authority of US$5,000 or more, with a median purchase authority of US$100,000
  • Visitor demographics of approximately 48% North American, 20% European, 12% India, 10% Asia.
  • Projects require up to 16M of code
  • 75% have the authority to make direct purchases over the web
  • Majority code in C, C++, and/or assembly
  • Use a Microsoft Windows? software development environment

Bill Giovino
Executive Editor


Created:22-Oct-2004, Updated:7-May-2012
· Views: 46732
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