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Embedded Business Directory Embedded Business Directory
Product Data from our sponsors, including datasheets and product specifications.
About Us (15)
About this website - our history, mission, and how we actually earn a living from all this!
Digital Signal Processors (6)
Digital Signal Processor chip suppliers. Be sure to check that the vendor provides software support for your application.
Editorials and News Commentary (18)
Readme.txt: Editorials, News and Commentary. Enginner, FAE, Journalist, CPU Technologies President: the ranting and ravings of a man 15 years in this industry.
Electrical Engineering (4)
Need some Engineering work done? Want a PC board or do you need design services? These suppliers will make you happy!
Embedded Development Tools (37)
Embedded Development Tools used for embedded hardware and software development.
FAQs (2)
A listing of Frequently Asked Questions of concern to embedded systems engineers.
Jokes (18)
Some humor for Engineers. Take a load off, you work hard. Yeah, Dilbert's here too.
Market Consulting (8)
Something about what we love to do.
Microcontrollers (45)
Embedded Microcontroller Chip Suppliers from 8-bit to 64-bit with product descriptions & links
Online Tutorials (cool!) (10)
Real useful tutorials - the real thing, really useful Embedded Systems tutorials about DSPs, CAN, RTOS - and a whole lot more!
Semiconductor Suppliers (44)
Not everyone makes microcontrollers, you need an EEPROM & external peripherals, don't you? So check out the products and IP that we've listed here for you.
Site News (2)
Site News
Support (15)
Various online resources and application notes to help you get the help you really need.
The Embedded Systems Market (16)
Information on changing conditions and new technologies in the Embedded Systems market. Includes Embedded Internet.
White Papers (10)
A selection of industry papers on the embedded systems industry. Topics include Embedded Internet, Development Tools, and DSPs.

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