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More pearls of wisdom from our Executive Editor...

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The Internet Revolution is over. We are living in the world it has created.

"Thin client" is a marketing term. Products are being re-branded "thin client" that do not fit the original definition.

"Internet Appliance" is a nebulous marketing term.

You are judged, both personally and professionally, by the quality of your emails... Every typo or spelling/grammatical error reflects poorly on you.

In 1998, 27% of U.S. companies admitted to regularly monitoring and archiving their employees' email. The real figure is estimated to be much higher and directly related to the amount of internal politics at the upper management level.

There is no clear, convincing reason for networking of home appliances.  Companies that focused on this market are going out of business. 9/99

By 2001, 80% of large companies will be using software to monitor and archive what employees are doing with PCs, including monitoring email.  - IDC Corp  This includes software to capture individual keystrokes and remote uninstall of unauthorized programs without the user's consent.

As of August 2000, more than 50% of companies in the U.S. conduct random email surveillance, and most do not notify employees that they are doing it. Monitored emails include personal messages and emails to competitors and potential employers.

Two-thirds of online shoppers have abandoned a transaction. Reasons were: too slow, no return policy, couldn't find the checkout area, too confusing, or didn't take credit cards.

The ugly secret of most companies that are based solely around the internet is that their customer service is very very poor.

Until 1998, 70% of PC buyers had previous computer experience before their purchase.

13% of all people browsing the net have JavaScript disabled. (1999)

42% of internet users have provided false demographic information in online registration forms.

The majority of online website privacy agreements, when read carefully, indicate that the web host will do as they damn well please with the information collected from visitors.

42% of all users have encountered Java or JavaScript errors.

PC owners do not need an internet-enabled TV. There is no compelling reason for non-PC users to want to internet-enable their TVs.

The first email communication between heads of state was a short message from Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt to President of the United States Bill Clinton on February 4, 1994. see text


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