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CMX Systems - Embedded RTOS

Embedded RTOS by CMX Systems
CMX Embedded RTOS - Popular Embedded RTOS suppliers for most 8 and 16-bit processors. MicroNET is possibly the most popular TCP/IP stack for small embedded internet systems. Support for more than 20 compiler vendors. Their website's legal section is more amusing than most and is worth the read.

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Embedded RTOS from CMX

CMX-RTX� : Real-Time Multi-Tasking Operating System for Microprocessors, Microcomputers and DSPs CMX-MicroNet Embedded RTOS: The Connectivity Solution for 8- and 16-bit Processors
  • True Embedded RTOS
  • Supports nested interrupts
  • No royalties on embedded code
  • All source code supplied
  • Extremely fast context switch times
  • Very low interrupt latency times
  • Several C vendors supported
  • Scheduler and interrupt handler written in assembly for speed and optimization
  • All CMX functions contained in library
  • User configurable
  • Task management
  • Event management
  • Timer management
  • Message management
  • Circular queue management
  • Resource management
  • Semaphore management
  • Fixed block memory management
  • Specialized UART management
  • Automatic power down management
  • Full pre-emption and ability to also have cooperative and time slice scheduling
Create a task.
Remove a task.
Start a task.
Suspend a task, with time-out provision.
Wake a suspended task.
Forcefully wake a task.
Change a task's priority.
Terminate a task early.
Do a cooperative rescheduling.
Disable task scheduling.
Enable task scheduling.

Wait on event(s), with time-out provision.
Set an event.
Clear an event.

Get a message.
Wait for a message, with time-out provision.
Send a message.
Send a message, wait for reply.
Wake task that sent message, if waiting on reply.
Wait on Mailbox(s), with time-out provision.

Create a circular queue.
Reset queue to empty.
Add to top of queue.
Add to bottom of queue.
Remove from top of queue.
Remove from bottom of queue.

Create a cyclic timer.
Change a cyclic timer event parameters.
Start a cyclic timer.
Restart a cyclic timer.
Restart a cyclic timer, with new initial time period and/or new cyclic time period.
Stop a cyclic timer.

Create a fixed block pool.
Request free block from pool.
Release block back to pool.

Get a resource.
Reserve a resource, with time-out provision.
Release a resource.
NOTE: the resources have Automatic Priority Inheritance and highest task waiting on resource will become the owner, when resource is released.

Get semaphore.
Pend for semaphore, with time-out provision.
Post to semaphore.
Flush semaphore.

Initialize CMX.
Enter CMX.
Enter interrupt.
Exit interrupt.
Enter power down mode

Initialize UART.
Put UART char, with time-out provision.
Put UART string, with time-out provision.
Get UART char, with time-out provision.
Get UART string, with time-out provision.
Update UART buffer(s)
Initialize UART buffer(s)

CMXBug� interactive debugger.

CMXTracker� analyzer.

CMX Real-Time Multi-Tasking Operating System products support MOST 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit embedded Microcontrollers, Microprocessors and DSPs. We also support more than 30 compiler vendors. Please contact us for further information on any of our RTOS products such as CMX- RTX(tm), CMX-TINY+(tm), CMX-TCP/IP(tm), CMXBug(tm), and CMXTracker(tm).

- All content is subject to change without notice.


CMX-MicroNet is an Embedded RTOS that has been developed by the company that is famous for providing complete, elegant solutions to the embedded community - CMX! CMX has the expertise and hands-on experience to satisfy the most stringent real time demands that the 8-/16-bit community deals with every day. When we set about the task of creating the first true TCP/IP stack for these popular processors, we knew that it had to have:

Only Industry Standard Protocols. Of what benefit are closed, proprietary protocols that constrain and confuse your development team? CMX-MicroNet offers only industry standard protocols running right on your target processor and we provide full source code with every sale!

Use your Current Processor. Why should you have to upgrade your current processor, or, worst yet, add another processor just for TCP/IP? Those hardware costs can really add up! CMX-MicroNet allows you to work with your current design and still implement the networking connectivity you need.

An Affordable Pricing Structure. CMX-MicroNet offers a low, one-time fee and no royalties on deployed products. And you get the entire source code for free with every purchase!

Supported Processors:�

  • 8051 (All Derivatives)
  • 80x86 (All Derivatives)
  • ARM7 (incl. Thumb)
  • Atmel AVR
  • Cyan Technology eCOG1
  • Hitachi H8/300H
  • Hitachi H8s
  • Infineon 80C16x
  • MicroChip dsPIC
  • MicroChip PIC18Cxxx
  • Mitsubishi M16C
  • NEC 78K0/K0S & V850
  • Philips XA
  • STMicroElectronics ST10
  • TI MSP 430
  • Zilog Z180 & eZ80
Supported Protocols
  • TCP
  • PPP
  • UDP
  • SLIP
  • IP
  • ARP
  • HTTP Web Server
  • FTP Server
  • TFTP Client
  • SMTP Client
  • DHCP Client
  • Ethernet
  • Dial Up
  • Direct
CMX-MicroNet has been designed for maximum portability and is written in 100% standard C code. As a consequence, some clients have decided to port the software to processors not yet supported directly by CMX, including microprocessors, microcontrollers and DSPs. Our developers are confident that designers familiar with their target processor can easily perform the port themselves. Contact CMX for an in-depth discussion with one of our developers about this option.



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