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New Silicon Labs Precision32 is LOW power Cortex-M3 and bleeding-Edge Analog

By Bill Giovino
Feb 28, 2012 - 8:02:00 PM

This is the NEW stuff. Let's go dancing in.

Silicon Laboratories Inc. , a leader in high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs, today introduced the Precision32™ microcontroller family with extremely low power and leading-edge analog.

Based on the ARM Cortex-M3 processor, the new Precision32 family includes 32 SiM3U1xx and SiM3C1xx microcontroller products with footprint-compatible USB and non-USB options.

Offering a highly integrated, flexible architecture, rich peripheral set, ultra-low power, and free development tools, the Silicon Labs Precision32 family targets a wide range of applications including portable medical devices, point-of-sale peripherals, motor control, industrial monitoring, barcode scanners, optical touchscreen interfaces, sensor controllers and home automation systems.

Silicon Labs Precision32 SiM3C1xx Block Diagram
Silicon Labs Precision32 SiM3C1xx Block Diagram
The Silicon Labs Precision32 family offers a high level of peripheral integration. Features of the Precision32 family include::

  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 Core at 80MHz CPU Clock
  • Up to 256KByte Flash
  • Up to 32KByte RAM
  • Active Current 22mA at 80MHz
  • 85nA Low Sleep current with 4KB RAM alive
  • 350nA Sleep with RTC running
  • 16/32-bit CRC16/32-bit CRC
  • 128/192/256-bit hardware AES encryption
  • Onboard 80MHz ±1.5% precision oscillator with PLL provide crystal-less USB and core operation
  • 12-bit 250ksps ADC (1 MSPS in 10-bit mode)
  • 10-bit DAC
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Two low-power comparators
  • 16-channel DMA
  • Two USARTs
  • Two UARTs
  • Three SPI
  • Two I2C/I2S
  • 6-channel 16-bit motor control counter
  • Two 16-bit 2-channel CAPCOM counters
  • Two 32-bit or Four 16-bit CAPCOM timers
  • Internal 5 V voltage regulator enables power from USB
  • Six 300mA I/Os directly drive high-power LEDs, small motors, buzzers and power MOSFETs, as well as serve as a boost converter controller.
  • 16 capacitive touch inputs for touch sensor applications.
  • USB 2.0 PHY and analog front-end interfacing directly to the USB connector.
  • JTAG, serial-wire, and ETM debugger support
  • 2.7-5.5 V supply voltage (internal regulator enabled)
  • 1.8-3.6 V supply voltage (internal regulator disabled)
  • LGA, QFN and TQFP package options (40/64/80/92-pin)
  • Temp range -40 to +85°C

The Precision32 family offers Engineers a fully customizable I/O system and pinout arrangement. Peripheral pinouts are not fixed. Using a drag-and-drop GUI, Engineers can configure analog and digital peripheral pinouts for many different pin locations.

The Precision32 family is extremely low power in both active and sleep modes. Active current is 22 mA at 80 MHz or 275 µA/MHz, sleep current is 350nA with RTC running and 4 KB of RAM retention.

"We've engineered the Precision32 family to give embedded developers a better 32-bit alternative with superior design flexibility, peripheral integration, analog performance and ultra-low power - all at very competitive prices" said Mike Salas, General Manager of Silicon Labs' Microcontroller Products. "We also support developers with a highly integrated and comprehensive hardware and software ecosystem with free software tools, enabling rapid prototyping and development on the embedded industry's most flexible, easiest-to-use 32-bit microcontroller architecture."

Development Tools
Development tools include a modular hardware development. Called the Unified Development Platform (UDP), it includes a single motherboard, modular plug-in boards, and prototyping area.

Silicon Labs' free Eclipse-based IDE includes a complete compiler, debugger and software library with example code, data sheets, schematics, PCB footprints, app notes, and active version tracking. Automatic updates are available. In addition, Silicon Labs' GUI-based AppBuilder enables Engineers graphically configure peripherals without having to write any code.

Silicon Labs supports Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) compliant code. the ARM software interface for common peripherals to enable simple porting from other ARM-based microcontrollers to the Precision32.

Pricing and Availability
"Product pricing in 10,000-unit quantities begins at $2.20 for SiM3C1xx non-USB microcontrollers and $2.68 for SiM3U1xx USB microcontrollers (prices in USD)."

Silicon Laboratories Inc.
"Silicon Laboratories is an industry leader in the innovation of high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs. Developed by a world-class engineering team with unsurpassed expertise in mixed-signal design, Silicon Labs' diverse portfolio of patented semiconductor solutions offers customers significant advantages in performance, size and power consumption."

New Silicon Labs Precision32 is LOW power Cortex-M3 and bleeding-Edge Analog

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