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Embedded Business News

X-FAB Doubles 6-Inch SiC Foundry Capacity

Double the SiC, double the volume.

Embedded Business News Sep 4, 2018

X-FAB Introduces New Galvanic Isolation Technology

Because you got to keep them separated.

Embedded Business News May 31, 2018

Look! Up in the Sky! Its an Autonomous Vehicle!

Where do you find leading-edge autonomous vehicle technology? Hint: It may not be at Tesla.

Embedded Business News Apr 25, 2018

X-FAB Becomes First Semiconductor Foundry to Achieve IATF-16949 Automotive Quality Certification

Another major accomplishment in 25 years of producing high reliability ICs for the global automobile business

Embedded Business News Mar 15, 2018

Silicon Labs Buys Energy Micro

This is not as straightforward as it appears. Will Captain Tuttle please report to Colonel Henry Blake?

Embedded Business News Jun 14, 2013

Zilog Buys Microcontroller Product Lines from Samsung

Big Z is putting on the gloves. Get ready for a fight!

Embedded Business News Jun 7, 2013

LinkedIn Hacked, Passwords Please No Salt

Passwords kinda revealed, LinkedIn security kinda improved, something about barn doors and horses.

Embedded Business News Jun 7, 2012

Silicon Labs Buys Ember

Busy busy bees

Embedded Business News May 21, 2012

Microchip Technology Buys SMSC

Microchip's getting larger!

Embedded Business News May 2, 2012

Microchip Technology Buys Roving Networks

Microchip has bought a company that makes WiFi and Bluetooth products. Anyone else see where this is leading?

Embedded Business News Apr 19, 2012

Microsemi Buys Clocks from Maxim

Tick tock, tick tock...

Embedded Business News Feb 1, 2012

10 Billionth Microchip PIC Microcontroller Shipped

Today, Microchip shipped their 10 Billionth Microchip PIC microcontroller. Microchip shipped one billion microcontrollers in just the past year, a testament to the longevity of the eternal 8-bit.

Embedded Business News Sep 19, 2011

Texas Instruments Buys National Semiconductor

TI has bought NSC. Shock and Awe!

Embedded Business News Apr 4, 2011

Intel Buys Infineon Wireless for $1.4Billion

Intel is buying Infineon Wireless Solutions Business for $1.4 billion. Look, no wires!

Embedded Business News Sep 6, 2010

XMOS Semiconductor Signs with Future

Startup XMOS, manufacturer of uber-advanced processor architectures, has signed with distributor Future Electronics. It's not often a startup signs with a major disty, is it? Here's to a bright future!

Embedded Business News Aug 17, 2010

Energy Micro Appoints Jurgen Hoika as a VP of Sales

Energy Micro, a manufaċturer of low-power ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers, appöinted Jürgen Hoika às VP Sales for Euröpe, Middle Ēast äŋď Afřica. Ĩt couldn't have happened to a nicer ĝüŷ...

Embedded Business News Aug 3, 2010

National Semiconductor Acquires GTronix

National Semiconductor has squired GTronix. Well, Gee!

Embedded Business News Jun 21, 2010

Synopsys buys Virage Logic for $315M

Synopsys has purchased Virage Logic for $315M. This will allow Synopsys to expand its semiconductor IP portfolio, and also allow Synopsys to acquire the ARC configurable processor core. Does this mean Synopsys is preparing to compete with ARM?

Embedded Business News Jun 10, 2010

Ember has Shipped their 10 Millionth ZigBee Chip

Ember has shipped their 10 Millionth ZigBee Chip. Busy, busy little bees!

Embedded Business News May 4, 2010

Microchip Aquires SST

Microchip has aquired SST. SST is a pioneer in embedded Flash technology and has a nice product line of 8051 microcontrollers. Microchip and the 8051???

Embedded Business News Apr 8, 2010

Zilog Aquired by IXYS

IXYS has annunced it's intention to buy distressed microcontroller manufacturer Zilog. We'll miss you, Big Z.

Embedded Business News Dec 7, 2009

Texas Instruments Buys Luminary Micro

Texas Instruments has bought the microcontroller company Luminary Micro

Embedded Business News May 14, 2009

Renesas and NEC to Merge!

Renesas and NEC Electronics have announced that they will merge and form the world's 3rd largest semiconductor company

Embedded Business News Apr 27, 2009

Zilog Sells Off Two Product Lines

Zilog sells off the 8-bit Crimzon IR Remote Control and 32-bit Point-of-Sale Microcontroller Product Lines. First come, first served!

Embedded Business News Feb 19, 2009

Freescale Selling East Kilbride Cellular Chip Business Comes True!

As predicted, Freescale is selling off it's RF and power management IC business.

Embedded Business News Oct 10, 2008

Lattice Semiconductor Appoints Bruno Guilmart President and CEO

Lattice has appointed Bruno Guilmart President and CEO. Guilmart has an extensive history in the semiconductor equipment industry.

Embedded Business News Jun 16, 2008

IAR Systems appoints Andreas Lifvendahl Sales and Marketing Director

IAR has appointed industry veteran Andreas Lifvendahl Sales and Marketing Director

Embedded Business News Sep 17, 2007

Ellen Hancock Resigns as President of Jazz Semiconductor

Ellen Hancock has resigned as President of Jazz Semiconductor.

Embedded Business News Jun 18, 2007

Darin Billerbeck of Intel Hired as ZiLOG's New CEO

Darin Billerbeck, a 14-year Intel veteran, has been named as ZiLOG's new President and CEO.

Embedded Business News Feb 12, 2007

Jazz Semiconductor Aquired by Acquicor in an Unusual Transaction

Aquicor has aquired wafer fab Jazz Semiconductor from a member of the same equity team that purchased Freescale

Embedded Business News Sep 29, 2006

Freescale Semiconductor Bought Out by Blackstone for $17.6 Billion

Freescale Semiconductor Bought Out for $17.6B

Embedded Business News Sep 25, 2006

Luminary Micro Hit with Patent Lawsuit from Microchip

Microchip Technology has filed a lawsuit against the mysterious Luminary Micro for violating Microchip patents regarding pin configuration for low pincount microcontrollers.

Embedded Business News May 28, 2006

ZigBee Company Ember Hires Bob LeFort as President and CEO

ZigBee leader Ember has hired aggressive executive Bob LeFort as President and CEO

Embedded Business News Apr 10, 2006

Microchip in Space - NASA Releases SuitSat-1 with PIC18 Microcontroller

Open the pod bay doors, please, HAL.

Embedded Business News Feb 16, 2006

Ex-AOL Employee Jailed for Selling AOL Email Addresses to Spammer

A former AOL employee who had access to AOL's email list, used his insider position to sell millions of email addresses to spammers.

Embedded Business News Aug 17, 2005

Bribery Charges at Infineon Technology; Headquarters Raided by Officials

Infineon Technology announced the resignation of Andreas von Zitzewitz over charges of bribery and corruption. !NO-SPIN!

Embedded Business News Jul 16, 2005

Microchip First Company to Ship One Billion Flash Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology Inc., today announced the shipment of its One Billionth FLASH microcontroller. Microchip shipped its One Billionth microcontroller (including Flash, RAM, OTP) back in the fall of 1999.

Embedded Business News Jun 26, 2005

Microchip Technology hits 3 billion in microcontroller sales

Microchip Technology Inc., today announced the shipment of its 3 billionth PICmicro microcontroller. Microchip delivered its 1 billionth microcontroller in fall of 1999, the 2 billionth microcontroller shipped in spring of 2002.

Embedded Business News Feb 26, 2004

Most firms now use background checks [external link]

Most companies now conduct criminal background checks on potential employees, according to a recent survey. A report from the Society for Human Resource Management shows that 80 percent of companies said they run a criminal check on applicants before hiring. (Source: MSNBC) [External Link]

Embedded Business News Jan 21, 2004

Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Rise

Global sales of semiconductors in October showed their strongest month-on-month growth since March 2002, on the back of strong demand for a wide range of electronics products

Embedded Business News Nov 28, 2003

Hitachi and Mitsubishi Combine to form Renesas Technology, the World's Largest Microcontroller Company!

Hitachi and Mitsubishi have combined their portfolios to create a new semiconductor company called Renesas Technology. Renesas is now the 3rd largest semiconductor company, and the largest microcontroller company (re: Dataquest)

Embedded Business News Apr 1, 2003

Motorola To Aquire Embedded Linux Company Embedix

Metrowerks, a Motorola company, today announced it's intention to aquire Embedix, a provider of Linux OS-based development tools for creating PDAs, smart handheld devices, residential gateways and digital TVs.

Embedded Business News Dec 19, 2002

Embedded Systems Conference San Francisco to be combined with Electronics USA

CMP Media and Messe Muenchen today announced an agreement to produce electronicaUSA with Embedded Systems Conference San Francisco beginning in 2004.

Embedded Business News Oct 3, 2002

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