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Embedded Networking

New ColdFire Embedded Ethernet Kit from NetBurner

NetBurner has introduced a new Embedded Ethernet development kit targeting both professionals and hobbyists.

Embedded Networking Nov 23, 2006

NetBurner Introduces 147MHz ColdFire Module with Complex Timer Module

NetBurner has introduced a Freescale module with 2MB Flash, 8MB RAM,

Embedded Networking Oct 1, 2006

New ZigBee Application Kit from Rabbit Semiconductor

A new ZigBee Application Kit from Rabbit Semiconductor!

Embedded Networking Sep 26, 2006

Ethernet to CAN Server from NetBurner is Fully Customizable

Bridging Embedded Ethernet and Controller Area Network (CAN)

Embedded Networking Sep 22, 2006

New ZigBee EM260 low Power co-processor from Ember

ZigBee company Ember offers the EM260, the world's first ZigBee co-processor for ZigBee networking with any microcontroller, period!

Embedded Networking Jun 19, 2006

New Embedded Ethernet Controller from Silicon Labs is World's Smallest

New Embedded Ethernet controller from Silicon Labs has an integrated MAC and PHY. Each device is pre-programmed with a network MAC address.

Embedded Networking Feb 22, 2006

Rabbit Semiconductor Inc. Introduces RabbitSys for Management of Internet Based Devices

Rabbit Semiconductor has introduced RabbitSys, an embedded operating system with the ability to update, monitor, configure, detect, diagnose, and debug remote embedded systems.

Embedded Networking Sep 14, 2005

New Ember ZigBee Embedded Networking Processor Announced

A new Ember ZigBee Network Processor Solution has been announced (application diagram included)

Embedded Networking Jun 14, 2005

New Embedded Ethernet Coldfire Module by NetBurner

NetBurner has introduced the MOD5270 Embedded Ethernet Module, which uses a Freescale MCF5270 150MHz 32-bit ColdFire Processor

Embedded Networking Jun 9, 2005

New Embedded Ethernet Controller by Microchip with MAC and PHY is World's Smallest

Microchip Technology has introduced the ENC28J60, a 28-pin 10Base-T Stand-Alone Embedded Ethernet controller with SPI interface. A free TCP/IP stack is also available for PIC microcontrollers.

Embedded Networking Apr 25, 2005

Ember Certifies First 100 Developers to Create Wireless Zigbee Networks

Two-day training sessions enable developers to rapidly create ZigBee applications

Embedded Networking Sep 14, 2004

ZiLOG Introduces Lowest Power Consumption IrDA Transceiver

ZHX1403 SIR Transceiver Features Industry's Lowest Power Consumption and Smallest Package for Infrared Connectivity up to One Meter.

Embedded Networking Jun 4, 2004

CMX Announces Embeddable SNMP Functionality For CMX-Micronet TCP/IP Stack For 8-Bit, 16-Bit, And DSP Processors

Solution offers a very small footprint SNMP functionality for small and medium-size processors.

Embedded Networking Mar 29, 2004

CMX Offering Low-Cost TCP/IP Connectivity for ZiLOG's eZ80ACCLAIM! and Z8 Encore! Microcontrollers

CMX-MICRONET TCP/IP Stack and CMX RTOSes available for ZiLOG's eZ80ACCLAIM! and Z8 Encore! Microcontrollers

Embedded Networking Feb 23, 2004

NetSilicon Introduces High Performance ARM9 NET+ARM Processor

NetSilicon has introduced the ARM9 based peripheral-rich NS9750.

Embedded Networking Sep 16, 2003

CMX Systems Announces Wireless Ethernet Functionality For CMX-Micronet TCP/IP Stack

Solution offers Wireless Ethernet 802.11b functionality for most 8-bit and 16-bit controllers

Embedded Networking Sep 15, 2003

CMX Systems Ports Embedded Internet TCP/IP Stack to Century 8051 Microcontrollers

CMX Systems and Century Semiconductor Announce Integration of CMX MicroNet TCP/IP Stack with CS620x Series of Microcontrollers

Embedded Networking Apr 7, 2003

Accelerated Technology & MCCI provide RTOS with USB solution

Accelerated Technology and MCCI Announce Nucleus Support with USB DataPump for Developing USB Peripherals

Embedded Networking Feb 5, 2003

HomeRF Working Group Disbanded

The HomeRF working group has disbanded and will no longer be promoting this technology.

Embedded Networking Jan 9, 2003

CMX and Cygnal Introduce Embedded Ethernet Reference Design

CMX and Cygnal announce embedded ethernet reference design using external ethernet chip

Embedded Networking Dec 3, 2002

eDevice Adds Hardware Products to its Embedded Internet Products

eDevice, a manufacturer of TCP/IP stacks for Analog Devices' DSPs, has now added a line of hardware products.

Embedded Networking Oct 7, 2002

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