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New ColdFire Embedded Ethernet Kit from NetBurner

By Tim Shannon, NetBurner
Nov 23, 2006 - 12:05:00 PM

NetBurner has introduced a new Embedded Ethernet development kit targeting both professionals and hobbyists.

­NetBurner today announced the Eclipse Embedded Ethernet Development Kit, a complete set of powerful developer hardware, software, and tools that enable rapid development of embedded Ethernet network-enabled products.

NetBurner Mod-Dev70 Carrier Board
NetBurner Mod-Dev70 Carrier Board
The $99 embedded Ethernet development kit includes: the NetBurner Mod5270 Core Module and development board, Eclipse IDE, uC/OS RTOS, TCP/IP stack, web server, C/C++ compiler and linker, flash file system and deployment tools. 
This fully featured embedded Ethernet development platform targets the professional design engineer, while also hits the low price point required by hobbyists and students.  The development kit contains all the hardware, software, and tools needed to immediately start writing application code.
The kit includes NetBurner’s Eclipse Integrated Development Environment, with features such as:

  • Single click compile and load capability
  • Intelligent code completion
  • Integrated graphical debugger
  • ANSI C/C++ Compiler
  • NetBurner Mod5270 module:
    - 32-bit 147MHz Freescale ColdFire processor
    - 512k flash
    - 2MB external SDRAM
    - 10/100 Ethernet
    - 47 digital I/O
    - three UARTs
    - I2C & SPI
    - four channel DMA
    - 16-bit external data bus
    - four 32-bit timers
    - watchdog
    - four programmable interrupt timers.

The NNDK-MOD5270LC-KIT costs $99 USD and can be purchased through the NetBurner online store.

New ColdFire Embedded Ethernet Kit from NetBurner

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