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Phyton Releases TI MSP430 Development Environment

By Isaak Grinberg
Sep 15, 2003 - 9:19:00 AM

Phyton has released a complete tool chain for the TI MSP430.

Phyton, Inc has released a complete software and hardware tool set for the popular Texas Instruments MSP430 low power 16-bit microcontroller family.

This development tools set includes the Phyton MCA-430 macro assembler, PDS-430 command set debugger/simulator and PICD-430 JTAG debugger. These tools are integrated with the Phyton Project-430 IDE, providing a complete development cycle, from editing source code all the way through to programming debugged code programmed into the target MSP430 microcontroller.

Phyton Releases TI MSP430 Development Environment

Phyton can also supply the optional MCC-430 C compiler from MicroCOSM, or the EW-430 Embedded Workbench from IAR, bundled with the PICD-430 debugger. Both compilers are fully supported by Phyton's IDE. The IDE also supports very popular TI MSP430 Flash Emulation tool as an alternative to PICD-430 debugger.

The PICD JTAG debugger communicate to a PC via a USB port. Compared to TI MSP-FET430, PICD-430 has more high-end features as complex breakpoints/triggers, real-time tracing (for selected MSP430 derivatives), and more.

You can choose any combination of Phyton tools that fits your needs and budget. MCC-430 C compiler costs $495 and PICD-430 JTAG debugger costs $395; all other tools can be downloaded from Phyton's web page at no additional charge.



Phyton Releases TI MSP430 Development Environment

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