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Semiconductor Suppliers

Not everyone makes microcontrollers, you need an EEPROM & external peripherals, don't you? So check out the products and IP that we've listed here for you.

Embedded Business Directory Embedded Business Directory
Embedded Web Servers (5)
Turnkey embedded web server suppliers - the chip, the software - everything!
FPGA Chip Suppliers (1)
Index of Field Programmable Gate Array suppliers, and their capabilities.
IP Suppliers (3)
They may not make chips, but they supply the cool IP that you can use to build your own custom chips.
Memory Suppliers (2)
Flash, SRAM, DRAM, and other memory products you need.
Obsolete Semiconductors (1)
Need a hard to find part? Look here to find a supplier that will be happy to help! Maybe you're looking for an old microprocessor, a hard to find capacitor, or an obsolete memory chip?
RFID Chip Vendors (1)
Radio Frequency IDentification. So who makes those mysterious little chips, anyway?
ZigBee Suppliers (10)
The ZigBee Stack specification (802.15.4) is an inexpensive and practical wireless networking protocol. A ZigBee chip can do what Bluetooth only promised to do. ZigBee advantages are long battery life, high reliability, and low cost (really!).

microcontroller Semiconductor Suppliers (20 items total)
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Fujitsu Semiconductor EuropeFujitsu Semiconductor Europe  

Semiconductor Suppliers
Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe is a major supplier of semiconductor products. The company provides advanced systems solutions to the automotive, digital TV, mobile telephony, networking and industrial markets. Engineers from design centres dedicated to microcontrollers, graphics controllers, mixed-signal, wireless, multimedia ICs, ASIC products and software development, work closely with Fujitsu Semiconductor’s marketing and sales teams throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to help satisfy customers' systems development requirements. This solutions approach is supported by a broad range of advanced semiconductor devices, IP, building blocks and software.
Embedded Systems Resource
National SemiconductorNational Semiconductor  

Semiconductor Suppliers
CompactRISC and COP8 Flash Microcontrollers, Analog Components
Manufacturers a very broad range of analog components. Heavily involved in wireless communications, including Wireless Ethernet (WiFi) and Bluetooth. Leading manufacturer of analog components. Announced it was being acquired by Texas Instruments on 4-April-2011
Embedded Systems Resource
IBM MicroelectronicsIBM Microelectronics  

Semiconductor Suppliers
PowerPCs, ASICs, & x86 Processors
32-bit PowerPC Cores and peripherals. Excellent development tool support. MPEG & Firewire (IEEE-1394), Network ICs
Embedded Systems Resource
Stock Point Electronics - Obsolete Semiconductors!Stock Point Electronics - Obsolete Semiconductors!  

Semiconductor Suppliers
A full-service electronic distributor specializing in sourcing obsolete semiconductors and hard-to-find electronic components. Over 20 years in the industry and #1 in the field. A huge inventory of genuine OEM components.
Embedded Systems Resource

Semiconductor Suppliers  

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