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Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs
Fast Flash 8051 Microcontrollers Advanced Mixed-Signal Cortex-M3 Microcontrollers, Precision Analog
The C8051Fxxx (formerly Cygnal Integrated Products) is a family of fast, Flash mixed signal 8-bit 8051 microcontrollers. 100MIPS peak performance, 350nA sleep w/watchdog running, 25nA deep sleep. Peripherals include high performance A/D converters, RF transceivers, capacitive touch sensors, LCD controllers, USB, CAN2.0B, LIN 2.1 and more. Onboard oscillator accurate to ±0.5%. JTAG based debug in each device.
The 80MHz Precision32 mixed signal 32-bit microcontrollers (ARM Cortex-M3) have high precision high quality analog components. 12-bit ADCs, up to 256KBytes of Flash, capacitive touch inputs, AES encryption, CRC, and lots more. I/Os can drive up to 0.3A. Deep sleep draws only 85nA and run current is 275uA/MHz.
Some microcontrollers can connect directly to powerline.
Other products include high precision analog components including clocks, oscillators, sensors, isolation and power devices.

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Created:27-Aug-2004, Updated:19-Jul-2012
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