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IAR Aug 2000
Figure 1: A device driver project for a Mitsubishi M16C/62 device
IAR MakeAppÔ is such a tool, and the rest of this article will discuss automatic device
driver development using the Mitsubishi M16C/62 product as an example. The main
benefits of automatic device driver development are:
Visual configuration of the microcontroller device
Automatic generation of device driver source code
Faster migration to new devices.
A few moments of dialog box configurations and clicking the code generation button is
all it takes; tailor-made device driver source code is generated instantly.
Figure 1 shows the program window containing a chip symbol with the peripheral
modules and a graphic overview of the current pin usage, as well as a project explorer
currently displaying the device driver functions to be generated.
Low-level configuration of a device
Device driver development is highly target-dependent, and this article uses the 16-bit
Mitsubishi M16C/62 device as an example. This is a general purpose microcontroller
with a useful selection of peripheral modules. White Papers Previous page Top Next page