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IAR Aug 2000
Figure 5: Selection of driver functions during code generation
The automatically generated device driver functions can be used like any other source
code library; i.e. the functions can be called in a suitable order from the application
Device driver portability
While the implementation of the device driver functions are highly target-dependent and
non-portable, the name and parameter list (the function prototypes) of the device driver
functions provided to the application program can be fairly standardized, thus increasing
It is therefore possible to make device drivers that appear to be portable to the
application program although the implementation is highly non-portable. 
By using tools like IAR MakeAppÔ, target-dependent device driver libraries can be
created instantly and provide a fairly portable application programming interface (API) to
control the device from the application program. Migration to a new device is a matter of
regenerating the device driver library, and integrate the new driver library with the
application logic.
Device driver development has traditionally been handled by specialists using their own
expertise and standard programming tools. Due to advances in tool design,
development efficiency can now by far be improved and companies can achieve several
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