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Embedded Web Server for the CR16
National Semiconductor
Jeff Wright
    UWORD   RxBufLen;            /* Rx buffer length                    */
    UBYTE  *TxBuf;               /* Pointer to data to send             */
    UWORD   TxCount;             /* Number of bytes to xmit             */
    const   UBYTE   *html;       /* Points to any const data to xmit    */
    UWORD   HtmLen;              /* Number of bytes in HTML page        */
Figure 11 - UDP’s Interface data structure
Where these are the command semaphores…
#define     UDP_RECV    BIT1
#define     UDP_SEND    BIT5
The Network Layer (IP)
The IP layer interfaces with Transport protocols sitting above it, such as TCP and UDP (and
logically ICMP), and Data link protocols sitting below it, such as SLIP, PPP, and Ethernet.  The
Transport layer interfaces with the IP layer by way of two data structures:
IPAPI_T holds the command from the Transport layer, as well as several pointers necessary to
locate the various data.
typedef struct ipapi_t {
    UBYTE   Cmd;
// Command flags from Transport layer
    UBYTE   RxProtoc;
// Protocol number of Rx datagram 
    UBYTE   TxProtoc;
// Protocol number of Tx datagram
    UBYTE   TTL;
// Time To Live value 
    QUADB_T ForIP;     
// Source and Dest IP ddresses     
    QUADB_T LocIP;   
    UBYTE  *RxBuf;         // Pointers to the Rx and Tx buffers 
    UWORD   RxCount;       // Number of bytes recd
    UWORD   RxBufLen;      // Rx buffer 
    UBYTE  *TxBuf;         // Pointer to RAM-based Tx data
    UWORD   TxCount;       // RAM-based data length
    const   UBYTE   *html; // Pointer to ROM-based Tx data (HTML page?)
    UWORD   HtmLen;        // ROM-based data length
    TCP_T   *TCPTxSeg;     // Pointer to TCP Tx segment header
    TCP_T   *TCPRxSeg;     // Pointer to TCP Rx segment
    UDP_T   *UDPTxSeg;     // Pointer to UDP Tx segment header
    UDP_T   *UDPRxSeg;     // Pointer to UDP Rx segment header
    ICMP_T  *ICMPTxSeg;    // Pointer to ICMP Tx segment header
    ICMP_T  *ICMPRxSeg;    // Pointer to ICMP Rx segment header
Figure 12.  IP’s Interface data structure
IP responds to the following commands...
#define IPSEND  BIT0
#define IPRECV  BIT1 White Papers Previous page Top Next page