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Embedded Web Server for the CR16
National Semiconductor
Jeff Wright
Figure 21.  504 Page as Rendered with Internet Explorer.
Naming Services (WINS/DNS)
Some aspects of both WINS and DNS are supported to allow the use of url based resource
addressing, and to respond to NetBIOS name Registration and Query requests.  Included primarily
as a development tool, these services may find use in actual applications.  Both WINS and DNS use
UDP as a transport layer.  This implementation currently supports only those features necessary to
resolve urls into IP addresses, and vice versa.  This implementation also supports the following
Windows-based network tools:
Tracert determines and lists the route taken to a destination by sending ICMP echo requests
with varying TTL (Time-To-Live) values to the destination.  One may specify either an IP
address or a URL as the destination.  This implementation currently resolves all IP addresses to
the  Conversely, urls are resolved into Ipv4 addresses.
Route displays current routing table.
In a manner similar to ICMP, provision is made for easy expansion by defining an array of supported
functions.  Each request “type” is used as an offset into these tables.  Non-supported types are
given NULL pointers. White Papers Previous page Top Next page