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Embedded Web Server for the CR16
National Semiconductor
Jeff Wright
Figure 26.  Node Configuration Table.
This Implementation’s Compliance with the TCP Specification
RFC 1122 augments and obsoletes the original TCP, UDP, and IP specifications (RFC’s 793, 768,
and 791), by summarizing requirements and correcting various errors and shortcomings
detected over the years.  It conveniently delineates those portions of the specification that
MUST or SHOULD be implemented in order to be in compliance (see Appendices A and B). 
Many of these features are wholly, or in part unnecessary in a controlled, embedded
environment.  As a result, some of these requirements are not implemented.  In the following
paragraphs We’ll briefly touch on a few of the more important of these MUST’s and SHOULD’s,
and just what is and isn’t included in this stack - and whether it matters.   You will note that
many of the features listed are supported, but not in a comprehensive manner.  Doing so would
result in a prohibitively large and resource hungry implementation, ill suited for most
microcontrollers.  If full compliance is required, third-party software and widgets are available
in abundance.
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