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Embedded Web Server for the CR16
National Semiconductor
Jeff Wright
Type 9.  This type is covered in RFC 1256.  I include support for this type simply for grins. 
Upon establishing a dialup connection, hosts implementing this option will issue “Router Solicitation”
requests to discover the IP address(s) of neighboring routers.  All routers on the local subnet
should respond with information about the best routes to use.  Upon reception of a Router
Solicitation, I respond with the corresponding Router Advertisement, announcing the IP address of
the “default” router.
Biography – About the Author, Jeff Wright
Jeffrey Wright is currently employed in National Semiconductor's Custom Solutions Division as
a Product/Applications Engineer.  Having suffered through nearly 20 years of embedded systems
design (mostly), he is hoping to somehow retire before the age of 40.  Jeff holds a BSEE from
Purdue University and patents on a medical instrument, but thrice dropped out of graduate school
to spend more time with his best accomplishment in the world - his daughter Katy. White Papers Previous page Top Next page