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Embedded Internet Conference 2000
Embedded Internet Provides a New Business
Opportunity – eServices
“e2B”(Embedded to Business)
Rick Drohan
Director of Marketing, Embedded Platforms
eMation Inc.
89 Forbes Boulevard
Mansfield MA 02048
Embedding Internet technology will provide new opportunities for eServices. Another name is e2B or
embedded to business. Companies are investigating new ways to exploit the technology of the Internet to
enhance their businesses, by better servicing their customers and finding new ways to generate revenue.
This will be accomplished using standard and emerging technologies in new ways to access information
from embedded devices. The information can be used for a variety of purposes, from automatic
determination of device status, to automatic downloading of patches and bug fixes, or to sell new features
to customers to enhance the functionality of the products.
Data collected from embedded devices can be used by enterprise software to better understand how
customers are using products. Marketing, engineering, and sales can use this information to better plan and
design future products.
“e-Services are Internet-based applications that communicate with one another,
fulfilling requests and/or triggering other e-Services.”
Patricia Seybold from “”
Patricia Seybold has written a best selling book on the value of eServices called She
defines eServices as Internet based applications that communicate with one another, fulfilling requests
and/or triggering other e-Services.
eServices offer a tremendous opportunity for enhancing customer relations and enabling new revenue
opportunities for companies. The products that companies ship, whether software or hardware, contain
valuable information about how, when, and why products are being used. That information can be of
significant value to companies in providing better customer support and enabling new opportunities to
service and support customers.
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