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~Renesas V850 High Integration Microcontroller

Renesas V850 High Integration Microcontroller
When facing space constraints, design without compromise! Renesas offers a family of V850 32-bit microcontrollers that are High Performance, Low Power, simple to use and are available in Small Packages. See for yourself!

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Renesas V850 32-bit Microcontrollers

The Renesas V850 32-bit microcontroller family are the world’s leading 32-bit solutions for a wide range of products in the automotive, industrial, office, medical, and consumer markets. The entire V850 family covers more than nine series specific for different applications, with each series having several sub-series to support high-end to low-end system design. Renesas' constant development of the product line ensures that these popular microcontrollers, which include hundreds of devices with a wide range of features, memory and packages, continues to expand and improve.

Renesas V850 Microcontrollers

This line of easy to use 32-bit microcontrollers, ranging from 40-pin 16 KB to 144-pin 1 MB, provides a complete range of optimized solutions to meet different system requirements and cost structures.

The V850ES J Series combines high-performance processing and low power consumption in a small package. The V850ES J Series is an ideal microcontroller solution for creating portable applications.

Renesaa V850 PeripheralsFeatures of the Renesas V850 32-bit Microcontrollers include:

  • Register-based architecture
  • 50MHz single-cycle performance
  • Low power: 300uA/DMIPS
  • High Performance: 1.9 DMIPS/MHz
  • Zero wait state Flash
  • Real Time Calendar
  • USB, CAN, Ethernet
  • Motor Control Timer
  • RAM optimized for low power consumption for bytes, half-word, and word access
  • Enhanced branch/short load pipe reduces latency
  • Load/Store buffer with data forward stage reduces pipeline stalls
  • Performance-oriented instructions includes:
    - Saturated arithmetic operation
    - Single-cycle shift operation
    - Single-cycle bit manipulation
    - Single-cycle byte swap
  • Up to 1MBytes Flash
  • Built-in debug security to authenticate debugging session
  • Additional Flash security to prohibit unauthorized read, write, or erase
  • Fail-safe firmware update provides protection if power is lost during Flash update
  • Extensive selection of peripherals

The V850LPC/ J Series offers total flexibility. And it is all supported by a rich eco system offering development tools, middleware, 3rd party alliances and a vibrant online engineering community. 40-pin, 48-pin, and 64-pin microcontrollers are available in small WQFN and FBGA packages.

Renesas V850 Roadmap


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